Pool Placement: How to Find the Perfect Spot

When you finally start planning to build your pool, it’s an exciting process. You just can’t wait to get it done so you can enjoy fun in the sun with family and friends. However, for some, the planning and building stages can get stressful. One of the main things that concern homeowners, apart from pool prices in Alpharetta, is where to place an outdoor pool. Continue reading for some pointers on pool placement to help you decide the perfect spot, from the experts at Hilltop Pools and Spas.

How to Find the Perfect Spot


Naturally the first thing you analyze during the planning stages is how much space in your home you’re dealing with. For large backyard spaces, there are many more options. But smaller spaces present different hurdles. When laying out the pool in a large backyard, the crucial point is where to place it in regard to your personal preferences. It all depends on whether you want the pool close to the home or away in a corner. These both present different possibilities. If the pool is constructed away from the home, it can create its own destination zone in which you can build a mini oasis. If dealing with a smaller space, your options are limited to the keeping the pool close to the home and working with different geometric pool shapes to accommodate the lack of space. Consult swimming pool contractors to determine the options that are best for your particular layout.


Of course, you don’t want an average pool. You want to create a unique design, but you need to consider exactly what you and your family’s needs are. If you have children, it’s ideal to place the pool in an area where they can be easily supervised. Another facet to consider is the view you want when lounging in the pool. For most pools in Alpharetta, how the sun hits it is important. If you enjoy tanning, choose a spot where the sun will bathe you without it being overwhelming.


There can be many obstacles to the pool building process. Of course, you want your build to go swimmingly, but you must be willing to make adjustments when the need arises. One big problem facing homeowners is building on a slope. However, this is a challenge many swimming pool companies can help with. There are also local building codes to worry about, and your home’s accessibility to heavy pool building equipment.

It’s important to never forget how much fun your own pool can provide. Don’t hesitate when hurdles present themselves. Talk to your local professionals about your options so you can relax in the summer glow in no time.

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