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 Five Tips for First-Time Pool Owners

Swimming pools in Newnan were once a symbol of luxury, with the cost of construction and maintenance out of reach for many homeowners. Today, with the wide array of options available in design and budget levels, an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard can be a reality.

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Whether you are dreaming of a custom-shaped pool surrounded by a beautiful landscape and grotto or a simple pool that creates a safe, comfortable outdoor living space, considering all the options possible will ensure years of enjoyable recreation. Here are five tips for first-time pool owners.

Calculate a Budget

The shape and size of your pool are not the only elements to consider when building a new swimming pool. Homeowners insurance generally includes a minimum of $100,000 for liability coverage, so it’s a good idea to contact your carrier regarding coverage for accidents, or for damage to your pool as a result of weather or a natural disaster.  Another additional cost is safety equipment, such as a covers, fencing, water alarms, and personal flotation devices. Figure in expenditures for maintenance, essential for keeping your investment performing well for many years to come. And don’t forget the additional utility costs associated with your new pool.

Consider the Space

Before deciding upon the size of the pool, consider the area where you plan to construct it. Sloping yards will require leveling, and rocky yards increase labor costs. Consider property lines, proximity to the home, and access to utility lines. Is the area for your pool’s construction accessible for the equipment needed? After the pool is completed, think about whether or not there will be space for outdoor items like trampolines, jungle gyms, or other amenities. Families grow. Will there be room to add additional features in the future? If you plan on adding an outdoor kitchen and patio area for your outdoor space, make sure you have the room.

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Purpose of the Pool

If the pool will be used primarily by a family that includes children, there should be a shallow end. More family members require a larger pool.  If swimming laps is the reason for pool construction, plan for a minimum of 8 feet wide and around 45 feet long, adding 4 feet of width if there will be more than one swimmer at a time. Consider the number of times you will entertain each year as well as the number of guests. Most often, entertaining a couple of times per year does not justify the additional cost for a larger pool.

Aesthetic Value

Swimming pools don’t have to be the only element in your outdoor living space. Landscaping with natural elements like plants, rocks, and grottoes add to the beauty of a pool, as does ambient lighting, slides, and fountains. An experienced swimming pool contractor can recommend additional touches to create the space you desire.

Find a Reputable Contractor

Do the research. There are contractors who specialize in building swimming pools in the Atlanta metro area. Seek out those who offer photos of the pools they’ve constructed as well as references from customers and the number of years in business. Numerous name changes should be interpreted as a warning sign. Ask to see proof of insurance coverage and warranties for the equipment that will be installed. You can also check out the contractor’s business reputation through the local Better Business Bureau, as well as through

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